Sunday, July 13, 2008

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*Hindu Scriptures The Scriptures of a Religion, that was originally known as Sanathana Dharma / Universal Religion

*Indian Cuisine, that is simply unfathomable, and which has never           stopped luring visitors from around the globe, in the history of the world

*Temples of India, That Architectural Marvels, & Abodes of Peace

*Amazingly beautiful Moghul Monuments of India, reflecting Persian workmanship & unusual creativity of The Great Moghuls.

*Sikh Gurudwaras of India, radiating immense tranquility

*Buddhist Monasteries of India, reminding us of the sublime values Buddha taught us, and showing us the path to 'NIRVANA'.

*Christian Churches of India, reflecting the architectural genius of The British Empire in India

*Tourism in India, starting from India's awe-inspiring scenic beauty, soul-stirring spirituality, mesmerizing  ethnic arts, crafts & textiles, that are truly ageless & timeless

*Indian Astrology, which if revived to its past glory, could, as the ancient Hindus believed, even predict earth-quakes, tsunamis, massive floods & tornadoes.

*Ayurveda--Ancient Indian system of medicine, without which the modern day world doesn't know what its missing

*Yoga, the ageless, timeless spiritual technique of ancient Hindus, to keep human body, human mind, human intellect & human soul in a state of robust health, vim, vigour & vitality.

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