Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tanjore : Your source for exquisite Chola bronze statues

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Tanjore ( Thanjavur ) in Tamil Nadu,  is a paradise for fine bronze statues from India. Their specialty is the reproduction of antique bronze religious statues of South India’s Chola Dynasty.The iconic bronzes of the Chola Period are among the world's greatest religious art; however they are much more than just superb examples of fine Indian art. Unique among bronze religious statues, these exquisite Chola bronze figures have been worshipped since the ninth century AD as the living embodiment of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. 

The Indian bronze statues of Tanjore, evoke a dignified sensuous grace, elegance and beauty which echo the divine presence all around them.These handicraft sculptures are cast by hand in village workshops using a lost wax process unchanged in a thousand years. Age-old techniques, and a painstaking attention to finish and detail, ensure Tanjore's bronzes are virtually indistinguishable from the antique Chola originals.

If we look closely at these icons, we'll notice that Chola bronzes do not literally represent the mortal human body; rather they are inspired by spiritual beauty and  cosmic beauty.

Many poses commonly found in these Chola bronze sculpture are drawn from the science of Yoga of ancient India. Another source for these poses and gestures in Chola sculptures is Indian Classical Dance Form, which evolved in Hindu temple rituals and in performances at Indian royal courts.

Given below is a small sample of the huge collection of Chola bronze icons that Tanjore is known worldwide for :


Ht 33cm/13in Wt 4kg/8.8lb


Shiva as Nataraja

Ht 91.4cm/36in Wt 50kg/110lb


Shiva as Nataraja

Ht 38cm/15in Wt 9kg/19.8lb



Ht 106.7cm/42in Wt 93kg/205lb



Ht 61cm/24in Wt 12.5kg/27.6lb



Ht 38.1cm/15in Wt 4kg/8.8lb



Ht 81.2cm/32in Wt 30kg/66.13lb



Ht 30.48cm/12in Wt 2.4kg/5.29lb


Krishna with 6 hands

Ht 93.9cm/37in Wt 52kg/114.6lb


Krishna dancing on snake

Ht 45.7cm/18in Wt 5kg/11lb



Ht 99cm/39 in Wt 41kg/90.38lb



Ht 30.5cm/12in Wt 2kg/4.4lb


Krishna as a child

Ht 15.2cm/6in Wt 0.6kg/13lb


Dancing Ardhanarishwara

Ht 99cm/39in Wt 52kg/114.6lb


Bhoga Shakthi

Ht 61cm/24in Wt 41kg/90.4lb


Bhoga Shakthi

Ht 25.4cm/10in Wt 3kg/6.6lb


Bhoga Shakthi

Ht 15.2cm/6in Wt 1.5kg/3.3lb

Photographs : Courtesy Kaalita®

For more information, please write to Mala Chandrashekhar at


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