Friday, November 16, 2012

Sankheda Furniture of Gujarat, India

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Sankheda is in Vadodara in Gujarat.It is well known for its lacquer works. This work is done on country wood, which being brown gives darker shades.This town is internationally known for its handcrafted Sankheda furniture. These are made from Teak wood.

Traditional Sankheda furniture of Gujarat have a royal history dating back to centuries.From centuries Sankheda furniture have been addition in glory of emperors and royal families. Sankheda furniture is known for its captivating art and longevity without decaying. These royal Sankeda furniture has now become accessable to general community.

These furniture have gained popularity among many countries in the world, including United Kingdom, United States Of America, Russia, Australia and many more.

Sankheda furniture is considered auspicious and is used in many religious and festive occasions. From being used as sacred pedestals for God’s idols in temples and as chairs for the bride and groom in weddings, to cradles and walkers for infants and garden swings that give a fresh touch of breeze in the hot and humid climate, Sankheda furniture is adopted and loved in its various usages. Erstwhile Gujarati royalty have in the past gifted it to royalty and state-heads of other countries.

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