Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shivani Wood Handicrafts of Karnataka, India

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Shivani Wood carving in Karnataka began in Gulbarga during the period of the Nayakas in the Indian history. Craftsmen skilled in doing intricate wood carving in different kinds of wood were brought in to work in the palaces of the Nayakas. These craftsmen had a very unique style as they were skilled in incorporating regional forms and techniques. The process of wood carving begins with making a sketch on the wood and outlining the basic shape with a chisel. While rough cutting is done with flat chisels, carving tools are used for the fine carving. A smooth finish is given by filing and sandpapering the surface. Wood like Shivani, Neem and Teak is used for making carved doors and pillars, deities and wall panels depicting mythological scenes. The craftsmen derive inspiration from Hoysalan, Chalukyan and Rastrakutan styles. A recent innovation is the use of metal images in the wood carving, especially for the main deity.

Shivaniwood Statue Source

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