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Ashta Lakshmi : Eight Forms of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi

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Ashta Lakshmi, (Meaning "eight Lakshmis"), is a group of eight Hindu goddesses, secondary manifestations of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth. Ashta Lakshmi is goddess of eight sources of wealth.Wealth in the context of Ashta-Lakshmi means prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny, and power. The Ashta Lakshmis are always depicted and worshipped in a group in Hindu temples.

Given below are the eight goddesses of Ashta Lakshmi:

Adi Lakshmi : "Primeval Lakshmi" , an ancient form of Lakshmi and an incarnation of Lakshmi as daughter of sage Bhrigu.

Dhana Lakshmi : "Money Lakshmi" for money and gold.

Dhanya Lakshmi : "Lakshmi as goddess of grain": Giver of agricultural wealth.

Gaja Lakshmi : "Elephant Lakshmi": Giver of animal wealth, like cattle and elephants.

Santana Lakshmi : "Progeny Lakshmi": Bestower of offspring.

Veera Lakshmi  "Valourous Lakshmi" or Dhairya Lakshmi  or "Courage Lakshmi": Bestower of valour in battles and courage and strength for overcoming the difficulties in life.

Vijaya Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi "Victorious Lakshmi"  : Giver of victory, not only in battles but also in conquering hurdles in order to beget success.

Vidya Lakshmi : "Knowledge Lakshmi": the bestower of knowledge of all arts and sciences

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