Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rosewood Furniture of Karnataka, India

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Rosewood inlay work was ever practised in and around Mysore for many centuries in the past. This artform had always enjoyed the patronage of the Maharajas of Mysore. The intricate & awe inspiring Rosewood inlay work shows a marvellous refinement of workmanship. Diligent craftsmen smoothen the Rosewood and carefully etch designs depicting stories of the past on its surface. Traditionally, in ancient times, craftsmen painstakingly assembled precious ivory to fit into the etched grooves. But today, due to the ban on ivory, craftsmen meticulously inlay woods of different colours, acrylic, shell or plastic to create these impeccable works of art with almost the same looks as ivory.

The craft of Rosewood inlay has evolved to satisfy modern trends & modern needs. Rosewood doors, chests, mirrors, coffee tables, boxes, partition screens, cupboards, cabinets and dining tables decorated with mesmerizing inlay work are part of the wide range of Rosewood products available in the South Indian state of Karnataka that fit in harmoniously in modern day dwellings to fulfill today's needs.

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  1. Great work....Similar kinds of works are done by VTI Victoria Technical Institute of Chennai.
    keep it up Mam