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Modern Computer owes its origin to Panini : The Greatest Sanskrit Grammarian of 5th Century BC & a Graduate of Takshashila University

An Article From The Hindu Businessline

The ancient Indian grammarian Panini’s treatise ‘Astadhyayi’ hold several clues that modern computer scientists can exploit to enrich language processing.

In the 6th century B.C. Panini formalised the phonetics of Sanskrit through his scientific grammar. “Huge amount of ideas are buried in the Astadhyayi. They can be used for formal language processing in computer science,” says Prof. Furio Honsell of Italy: A Professor of Computer Sciences.

An ardent admirer of Panini, Prof. Honsell, said modern day ‘Compilers’, come closest to the tools that the great Indian grammarian used to give form and content to language, especially Sanskrit.

Compilers are special programmes that help process statements written in a particular programming language and turn them into machine language or “code” that a computer’s processor understands.

Prof. Honsell, who is researching into the history of computers, said, “I first encountered the seminal work of Panini about nine years ago and was very impressed. He seems to have anticipated a lot of techniques that are being developed in modern computer language processing.”

Panini’s syntax has been found suitable for computer codes and most world languages adhere to his syntax.

Excited about the work, Prof. Honsell has authored An informative investigation into Panini’s Astadhyayi, and says that the focus on grammar is consistent throughout the long history of India. The use of Algebra is conspicuous in Panini’s work and later day works by Indians.

Panini could be appropriately considered as the forerunner of the modern formal language theory used to specify computer languages. It was only towards the end of 1950’s that the contributions of John Backus of IBM in developing the first compiler gave impetus to the language processing.

It is indeed remarkable that concepts which are considered fundamental to modern day’s theoretical computer science should have their origin with an Indian genius more than 2,500 years back.

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The other well known products of TSR & Co, are the various mesmerizing fragrances of Agarbattis. My mother, who is almost eighty now, has very fond memories about these Agarbattis in her childhood days in Kumbakonam..She used to say that the very gush of divine fragrance in the air, while walking down to school, was an immediate indication that she was very near TSR & Co.. The company originally was perhaps, founded in Kumbakonam.


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Donate for the 'Great Cause' of Promoting 'The Rich Cultural Heritage of India' Worlwide, in any form you like

Anyone who wishes to Contribute for the 'Great Cause' of promoting 'The Rich Cultural Heritage of India', worldwide in any form whatsoever, including India's ethnic arts, crafts & textiles, may get in touch with  Mala Chandrashekhar at the Email Id : indianartsandcrafts2008@gmail.com

India is a country with an extremely rich & glorious cultural heritage. Every region in this great country abounds in amazingly beautiful handicrafts and handloom textiles, designed and developed by extraordinarily talented artisans, both Hindus & Muslims, who are living below poverty line in India.

Please have a look here at my Blog : www.sanskkriti.blogspot.com,  for some of the work of these brilliant Indian craftsmen of different regions of India, who are the powerhouses of creativity & fountain of extraordinary talent:
There are so many cash rich Corporate Giants in India, but none to promote the exotic art forms of the nation in real corporate style, utilizing the latest in technology & new age marketing techniques. The only organisations, that are promoting the arts & crafts of India in their own humble way are the Government run Handicrafts Emporiums and the Government Handloom Houses. These Government showrooms do have a mind boggling collection of exquisite handicrafts, but they are not familiar with all the latest technologies & the aggressive new age marketing techniques of the private sector giants , without which, creating huge demands for these items worldwide, is almost next to impossible. Neither do these government run outlets have the expertise or funds to design and develop a captivating world class online retail showroom like the mega online store Amazon.com & & others, and subsequently promote it worldwide in a real big way applying new age marketing techniques, so that even without visiting India customers from around the globe can have an enjoyable experience of shopping in the colourful, vibrant streets of India.
Most of the National Award winning craftsmen & weavers of India,whose exquisite craftsmanship, have helped India earn a very high place  in the artistic world & in renowned museums around the globe, are unfortunately living without even the very basic amenities of life. These craftsmen are fighting hard for their livelihood, health, education and safety of their family members.
Most of these craftsmen & weavers take loans from the local moneylenders at very high monthly interest rates of 5% or even more, for their bread and butter and due to the pittance of income, that their extraordinarily specialized hard work generates, they find it extremely difficult to repay the loan amounts. This forces  them to shift to other menial jobs, which totally fossilizes the timeless,
ageless traditional art forms of India,having immense aesthetic beauty & spiritual attraction in them, for the whole of mankind.
Please have a look at the touching lives of some these brilliant artisans at their work place, with thought provoking videos from YouTube in my Blog :www.sanskkriti.blogspot.com
The monumental work of preserving & promoting these exclusive arts & crafts of India, worldwide, can be undertaken in a real big way, only if the masses from around the globe, care for the rich Cultural Heritage of India and come forward to donate for this GREAT CAUSE. No true endeavour is possible, in the absence of money, however hard we work.
India is a country with a glorious spiritual heritage. Anything that has ever originated in India, had the whole of humanity & its welfare  in mind.
The work is gigantic and there is an endless series of work to be done.But to get started, as a first step, we are going to develop a world class online store, with many of the best eCommerce features, to make the shopping experience enjoyable for customers from any corner of the globe. For this, we need to hire best in class Designers, Developers, Subject Matter Content Writers & many other talents. We are planning to have talented Vintage Photographers for capturing professional level photographs of thousands of handicrafts , handlooms, handmade carpets etc that India is globally known for ,for this Online Store.
For inventory & warehouse facility, we plan to utilize the mind boggling collections of the Government Emporiums & Government Handloom Houses, as the next step after creating the Website for Online Store.Travel within the country for sourcing the items & tie ups with different organisations & accomodations, while travelling, etc can be undertaken only if there is sufficient fund from the donors.
With generous funds from the public in future, we may even build great Museums, initially in major cities of developed nations, displaying all exclusive handicrafts, handlooms, handmade carpets, jewellery etc of India,viz, Engraved furniture of Saharanpur,Rosewood furniture & crafts of karnataka, Woolen carpets of Bhadohi, Brass work of Moradabad, Bronze icons of Swamimalai, Kangra paintings of Himachal, Kalamkari paintings of Andhra Pradesh, Pichwai paintings of Rajasthan, Silk Carpets of Kashmir, Intricate Glass embroidery work of Banaskantha, Exotic cora mats of Patthamadai, Hornwork of Parlakhepundi, Coir work of Kerala, Sandal wood crafts of Karnataka, Applique work of Orissa, Khurja and Chinhat pottery of Uttar Pradesh--The list is endless and one needs a whole lifetime to explore this unfathomable Indian treasure.
There will be computer terminals in these Museums, from where the visitors/customers can place order online for items of their choice, after directly viewing the items in the Museum for quality, class, size, weight, colour etc.
Next in our to do list, come the temples of India.India is a country with a glorious spiritual history, since time immemorial. The country  especially South India abounds in thousands of beautiful, spiritually elevating temples. Many of these temples are architectural marvels of the remote Dravidian era.
Please have a look at the beauty of some of these temples in the
following posts of my Blog : www.sanskkriti.blogspot.com

A large number of these ancient temples are in a totally dilapidated state & require dedicated maintainence and care. The countless Indian pilgrims & foreign tourists visiting these shrines everyday is so large that all the areas surrounding the temple complexes have been converted into open air toilets & public dustbins. This has simply destroyed the sanctity of these sacred shrines. The maintainence of these temples, including temple gardens for future generation, their cleanliness in & around the temples, along with a large number of public toilet constructions, anything can be undertaken only if there is sufficient fund for the purpose. 
These are all, our plans for the future, depending upon the quantum of public fund & the genuine interest shown by people, towards the cause. We have countless other future plans, but we will take them up one by one as the project takes over. Please stay tuned & keep visiting this page at least once in a while, to see the progress of the work in all directions.
Anyone who wishes to Donate for the 'Great Cause' of promoting 'The Rich Cultural Heritage of India', worldwide, may contact Mala Chandrashekhar at the Email Id :   indianartsandcrafts2008@gmail.com
Any kind of Donation in the form of Cash, Kind, Manpower, Services etc would tremendously help us to go ahead with our mega project conveniently, with full enthusiasm.

All forms of  Donations will be utilized in bringing prosperity in the lives of all those who are striving hard to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India & relentlessly promoting it worldwide either as a passion or a profession. 
(All images in my Blog : www.sanskkriti.blogspot.com are the property of their respective owners. My deepest sense of gratitude to all of them for making this gigantic project a reality )
My Love & Heartfelt Gratitude To One & All, for their kind association with this Mega Project.
Mala Chandrashekhar
Bangalore, India
Date :  20th October, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Touching Lives of Indian Handicrafts Artisans at Work , with Thought Provoking Videos

Anyone who requires more information may contact Mala Chandrashekhar at the Email Id :  indianartsandcrafts2008@gmail.com

( All images featured in this Blogpost are the property of their respective owners. Our deepest sense of gratitude to all of them for making this gigantic project a reality. If you see your picture anywhere in this Blog and don't want it here, send us a message with the details and the link to the picture, and we will remove it right away.)

India may be an incredibly beautiful country for the tourists visiting India from around the globe, but the people who have made it beautiful & gave a place to the country in the world map , are living below utter poverty line in the country.

Most of the National Award winning craftsmen whose exquisite crafts have helped India earn a very high place  in the artistic world around the globe, are unfortunately living without even the basic amenities of life. These craftsmen are fighting hard for their livelihood, health, education and safety of their family members.

Most of them take loans from the local moneylenders at an interest rate of 5% or even more for a month for their bread and butter and due to unusually less income from their exquisite,specialized work, they find it extremely difficult to repay the loans. This forces  them to shift to other sources of earning, which totally fossilizes the traditional art forms,having immense aesthetic & spiritual beauty in them.

Please have a look at some of these exquisite handicrafts of India here

Indian craftsmen are craving for genuine buyers for their masterpieces, who will truly value their artistic genius. And this is  possible only through proper marketing of their products, using the best of latest in technology.

Please have a look at some of these artisans at work, in the following videos from YouTube, & see for yourself if these artisans really deserve to be living below poverty line, as they really are.

Krishnanagar clay dollmakers at work


Bankura horse maker at work


Masters of Fire: Hereditary Bronze Casters of South India


Imagecasting in Swamimalai


Casting a Metal Statue, Swamimalai


Finishing and Filing the Bronze Statues after Casting Lost Wax Method step 4


Pottery world @ Khurja


"Khurja- The Ceramic City"


Jaipur Blue Pottery: Handmade Ceramicware from MyMela


Art of Blue Pottery in Jaipur, India (Pottery Showcase)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iiPC VGFLU&NR=1&feature=fvwp

Indian Kasuthi embroidery-Motiv2-


Needle, Thread, Mirror and Scissors (Part 1 of 2)
  Hand embroidery workers of India at


Pottery-Making : Lamp (Deepa) Making




Director, American Center visits Kumartuli


Making of Goddess Durga at Kumartuli, Kolkata - Durga Puja 2012