Monday, June 29, 2015

* Real Cute Bankura Terrakota Horses of Bengal, India

Images of Bankura Terracota Horses are posted right below the following brief write-up. Please don't miss viewing these cute horses before shifting online elsewhere.

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Bankura horse is the terracotta horse, produced in the Bankura district of West Bengal in India. It has been lauded for its elegance widely around the globe. Originally used for village rituals, it now adorns drawing rooms across the world as a symbol of Indian folk-art.

Terracotta or clay craft has been the symbol of man's first attempt at craftsmanship. Because of its universal appeal, pottery has often been termed as the lyric of handicrafts.  In India, terracotta traditions are found from the earliest times. The outskirts of many an Indian village, has a Peepul tree with terracotta animal figures lying underneath it. They are symbols of fulfillment of aspirations of village folks. In order to cater to the commercial requirements of the modern global market, the village potters are often combining the traditional rural abstractions with refined urban tastes to create showpieces of terracotta art.

The principal centres where the terracotta horses and elephants are produced in Bengal, are Panchmura, Rajagram, Sonamukhi and Hamirpur. Each place has its own local style. The Panchmura-style of pottery is considered the best and the finest of all the four types.

The Terracotta Horses of Bankura are made in two different colours. The normal terracotta red color is obtained by letting out the smoke through the vents of the kiln after firing, and the black colour is obtained by sealing the vents and not letting out the smoke.

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