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The Timeless Ageless Tanjore Paintings of Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India

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Source : Kum Kum Gallery
 Source : Kum Kum Gallery
 Source : Kum Kum Gallery
 Source : Kum Kum Gallery
 Source : Kum Kum Gallery

                   Source : Kum Kum Gallery

History of theTanjore Painting

Tanjore or Thanjavur as it is called today acquired its name from the original name the historical city had during the ancient times. Thanjavur was then the capital of the mighty Chola Empire. 

The Chola rulers besides being great warriors were builders of magnificent temples. They were great patrons of arts as well. It was against this setting that this highly specialised artform Tanjore Painting with its characteristically beautiful ornamental  work with gold foils, precious stones & gems flourished.

The Tanjore School of Paintings dates back to the 16th century AD.
The paintings are mostly of Hindu Gods and Goddesses as this great art of painting flourished at a time
when amazingly beautiful temples were being constructed by the rulers of several dynasties in the south of India.

Tanjore paintings are notable for their dazzling beauty in the form of precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls,  and gold. The rich vibrant colours, foils of gold, semi-precious stones and intricate  artistic work are the characteristics of these paintings. 

These paintings add beauty to any environment whether temple, corporate office, hotels or homes & make the environment very culturally rich, reminding the immense glorious past of ancient India. 

I intend writing a series of blogposts on this beautiful artform, where I'll be posting exclusive Tanjore Paintings from some of the finest sources of India. Here are some for you to have a look. You may send your enquiries to the Email Id : if interested to possess them.

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