Sunday, October 15, 2017

* Peepal Leaf Handicraft Of India : Art on Peepul Leaf

Images of amazing Peepul leaf paintings are posted right below the following brief write-up. Please don't miss viewing them before shifting online elsewhere.

Peepal trees are widely found in India. It is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. More than 2000 Years ago, Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, while sitting under a tree of Peepal  immersed in deep meditation, became fully enlightened. Ever since then, the Peepal has also been known as Bodhi Vriksha ( Tree of Enlightenment).

Peepal leaves have been used for writing in India even before the invention of paper.

Painting on Peepal leaf is a delicate work of art, which originated in Kerala in the southern region of India. The painting is done on dry Peepal leaves. It's one of the oldest form of art, which shows the ingenuity & patience of the artists. This art form-came into being due to the beautiful shape of Peepul leaf. Today only very few artists are left who are still practicing this ancient leaf-art.

Even in modern times, Peepal leaf paintings are great for making cards, wall-decorations, bookmarks, gifts. etc.

For painting, oil paints are used in this art-form. Similar to Peepul leaves, Lotus leaves too could be used for such paintings with vibrant colours.
Paintings on Peepal leaves are no doubt very beautiful, but extremely rare. It's an ancient form of art, and not many people still create such amazing works. There are many myths and stories about the Peepal tree. For instance, to cut down a Peepal tree is considered a sin in Hinduism, and a person doing so goes to hell according to the devout Hindus. Some people are very careful and touch this tree only on Saturdays.

The Peepal tree, as already mentioned, is considered sacred even by the Buddhists, because it is believed that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana (enlightenment) under Peepul tree only, and this is the reason why Buddhists call this tree Bodhee Vriksh (Tree of Enlightenment).
Peepal leaves have been used for writing in India even before the invention of paper. Painting on Peepal Leaf is an extremely delicate work.

More information on the Peepul Leaf Art of India will follow soon. Please stay tuned.

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